Max's First Fiesta

August 17, 2018


Well here it is, almost 6 months later 😂 Max's birthday party in blog form! I could post pictures of this party ALL day... After months of planning & pinning, I had the perfect party planned and with the help of my family and Max's dads family - the party was PERFECT! I had a blast planning this party and I can't wait for his 2nd birthday this February! 

 We decided to have Max's party in Atlanta since that's where a majority of our friends live and it's an easy place for out-of-town friends and family to get to! Now, if you know anything about weather in the south - you know it is as unpredictable as your odds in the lottery. Up until the day of the party? Beautiful! No chance of rain! Day before the party? Yah, 100% like all day and it was COLD! But that didn't stop us! Cesars (Max's Dad) mom got on the phone and found us a tent asap because after all - we did have 80+ people RSVP'd to a one year olds birthday. (cause that's normal right?!) But when you put together a large family and a VERY social Kate - well, yah get 80+ people at your sons first birthday! If I had all the money in the world (and hadn't spent all my savings - kind of kidding - on this party) then I would have gotten a huge clear top tent BUT that's not the case so we worked hard to make sure the little white tent came to life and it definitely did! We used a serape as a photo backdrop and hung papel picado to brighten up the tent and give it a little life! We got the papel picado from amazon and you can buy it here- it was super cheap and AMAZING quality! The mini pinatas? Also Amazon - you can find them here - I liked them because there were a few per package! As for the cacti? Those were real and cared for by Cesar's family -because not a one of my thumbs is ANY shade of green! Cesar's sister spray painted them gold for a little flair! We purchased the big UNO balloons on amazon and rented a helium tank from Party City to blow them up at home (no need for shoving 100 balloons in my little mom car)! By far one of my best party hacks is renting a helium tank. Make sure it is one of their tanks, not the ones they sell!


Now let's talk food. If you are part of our family or friend group, you already know food is VERY important. Max's dad was a chef and well, his friends can eat so we new we wanted it to be good! Cesar's parents are INCREDIBLE cooks and his whole family slaved away on the food the day before and morning of the party to ensure had enough food (which I am pretty sure we STILL ran out)! We had a taco bar, fresh guacamole, and a variety of SPICY salsas - all home made and SO delicious! Cesar's moms guacamole is my all time favorite and I honestly could eat it for every meal for the rest of my life. They also made tlacoyos which are kind of like a potato pancake filled with cheese. They served them with meat and more toppings and they were delicious! 




We had a lot of appetizers since all the meat for the tacos was cooked fresh we knew it would take some time. We had beer, jaritos, flavored water, and at some point - I think tequila was passed around! We also had pineapple with tajin which I can remember Max's dad doing since we met. Something about that sweet and sour combo! The guacamole went quick and I even tried the hottest salsa there was just for giggles - I needed milk like a baby after that!  We also had some of Cesar's favorite Mexican cookies around to snack on and Max was VERY happy about that! 



Shop The Decor

Pom Poms   Table Runner     Straws      Mini Sombreros     


You would think that was it when it came to food, right? Yah, nope! Now comes the sweets - my personal fave! My mom made both of Max's cakes and they were may favorite! Backstory - my mom has been making our cakes for as long as I can remember but she specializes in gourmet cakes with fancy icing that aren't necessarily good for lots of tiers and holding up fake flowers and succulents. SO after a few failed attempts we drove to Publix and bought 5 lbs. of icing and used that and you better believe I ate the extra icing! We also had these BEAUTIFUL cookies made by De Colores Cookies y Mas and they were my favorite favor! (besides our custom cups from Polka Dots) We found the succulents at Hobby Lobby and ordered his "1" cake topper from Amazon and a friend made the "Uno" for Max's cake smash shoot! 



Find Max's cake toppers here:

One Cake Topper  |  Uno Cake Topper  |  Candles



Lastly, we wanted to have some kind of activity for our friends and family to partake in at the party (other. than eat and drink) but after a few drinks our activity may have backfired haha! We had each of our friends write a letter to future 18 year old Max (PG-13 was allowed - also could have backfired)! Just from knowing our friends and family, I know these letters will be full of love, wise tips, and LOTS of laughs!





One Spotify playlist and a lot of helium used - and there you had it! Max's first fiesta! We had so much fun and can not wait to do it all again next year! Another HUGE thank you to all of our family that helped and our friends and family that came to celebrate the big day - without you all it definitely would not have been as much fun! We love you!








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