Dating after baby

January 15, 2018


YALL! Dating is hard but dating with a baby is near impossible in my case. One of my favorite things about the community I have via this blog is that y'all LOVE to try to set me up and I die every time. Yes, I am ready to date again. Yes, I want to fall in love. Yes, I pray for God to place the right man in my life. Yes, I AM SO IMPATIENT! Before Max was born I was so pregnant all I wanted to do was nest, clean, and sleep and nest, clean, and sleep again. And if I am being honest even before I was pregnant it was like pulling teeth to get me to go out. Why is it that so many guys want to "grab a drink at the bar?" What happened to bringing me flowers, going on a nice dinner - I will get a drink or two there - and having me home by 10?! Mama has a bedtime too! Now this post is kind of a joke kinda serious so take it lightly, have fun, and pretend I am on my own season of the Bachelorette! 


If I could build my dream man here are my qualifications - if you guys wanna hook a girl up-

1. Loves God

I want to raise Max to believe in something and someone bigger because when things get tough its amazing to be able to believe that someone somewhere can help you. I love being able to know that He is always looking out for me even when I am unaware of things that may ever happen. 

2. Loves family & his mama

Obviously Max is my life and I want any man to love him just as much as I do! Seeing the way a man treats his family is a HUGE indicator of how he will treat you and your family - keep an eye out for that one.

3. Loves adventure

And no, I don't mean outdoor adventure. I mean dinner at a new restaurant, exploring a new city, or walking in the mountains or on the beach. 

4. Also a lover of Netflix & Chill

And I mean ACTUALLY watching Netflix and chilling

5. Knows the art of being a gentleman 

He doesn't necessarily have to be a Southern Gentleman but I am tired of men treating me and women like meat. I want to be a courted like in the movies. I am tired of being told that courtship is something you only see in the movies.

6. Lover of good music

Sometimes I like to jam out in the car and sometimes I just like to listen to music and think, regardless, I love music and having someone to enjoy it with is even better

7. Easy on the eyes

Notice how I didn't put this one as #1?! While looks are important (I won't lie) there are so many things I look for before that. Knowing that I am attracted to a man is important but attraction is not always only physical.

8. Loves to travel 

It's no secret I have spent my last 8 summers living abroad. I love to travel and whether its a cheap weekend getaway or a weeklong European adventure - I am always down to see the world and hope they would be too!

9. MUST love Chick-fil-A 

This one needs no explanation

10. Instagram Husband

No this doesn't just mean someone to take my pictures. It means someone who loves me and my passions and not only supports me but the people in my community whether it's my local community or my online presence. I want a man who loves all aspects of my crazy life.



Now, I know this is probably NEVER gonna land me my dream man BUT as I have told y'all before - writing things out helps me a lot! So dream man - if you are out there.... i'll meet ya at Chick-fil-A. For now I am going to cherish my dates alone with Max.


As always,

"You're not a mess. You're brave for trying."



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