Popping Into Preschool

December 12, 2018

This post is sponsored by Primrose Schools; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I had looked into many preschools before and Primrose was at the top of my list so I was very happy when they reached out to offer me a tour. 


I recently popped into a preschool with Max for a tour and now I feel like my boy is all ready for college. We have looked many times at preschools for Max but have never toured one because in all honesty I was terrified of what the inside of a preschool would look like. I thought it would be one big room of screaming crazy kids with one adult. I WAS WRONG. We chose to tour Primrose Schools right across from my apartment and Elevation Church, they have a ton of other locations in Charlotte but I can literally WALK Max there from our house and y'all, convenience is KEY!


Before I tell you about my experience touring Primrose let me give you a little background on why I chose them! Primrose has 9 other locations in Charlotte and plans to add more. That means that even if I move to another area in Charlotte, I know I can find another school that will be run by the same standards, guidelines, and curriculum as his current school. Primrose is clean, very nice, has an amazing chef (shout out to Chef Bacon - his food smelt DELISH), their playgrounds looked so fun! Most importantly - they believe that who children become is just as important as what they know. THIS IS THE REASON I LOVE THIS SCHOOL. I worry every day that I am not doing enough to instill being a good human in Max and knowing I will have outside, reinforced support means so much to me and makes me feel so incredibly happy.


When I arrived at Primrose I was greeted with open arms, smiling faces, and people loving on my kid - even though he wanted to push ALL the buttons! I filled out some paperwork and sat down with the owner, Yaa, to ask her some questions and hear about Primrose School of South Charlotte a little more. My first impression when walking in the door was "wow, they know every person that walks in the doors name". They are all greeted with a smile and address not only the child by name but their parent as well! They have flavored water sitting at the check-in waiting for you too, talk about top notch service!


After observing for a few minutes I dove right in and asked Yaa all the questions - she was so nice and didn't seemed bothered a bit by my overly protective mom mass of questions. You ready for the questions? I know you're dying in anticipation sooo let's go!


Yaa and her husband bought the South Charlotte location about a year ago! Their son attended a Primrose School and they loved it SO much they bought their own. This was the first sign for me that Primrose was doing something right, it's always good to see clients invested in things. It shows just how much they love and care about their school and their children. Primrose South Charlotte opened last December and is constantly growing. Max got to meet and play with most of the students and the kid fit right in! He LOVED playing with the big kids and thinks he's all ready for Kindergarten now!


They start teaching the youngest kiddos as infants and go all the way up to Pre-K and are anticipating opening a private Kindergarten as well in the near future! They start teaching the children sign language (crucial for baby communication in my opinion) at a young age and continue throughout their education. Another important thing (for me) that they do is they implement Spanish into their daily communication so the children are ready and open to learning a new language. They learn everything from reading and writing to sharing and signing but the thing I love most that they teach is humility.


Primrose is dedicated to instilling character development skills in all students! During the month of November all the Primrose Schools participate in The Caring & Giving Food Drive. The food drive teaches them about responsibility, community involvement, and giving without expectation. The youngest of students learn about the characteristics of a great human through puppets, story telling, and some amazing books. They also help their parents pick out cans at home or at the store to bring in to contribute as well. The older students earn money to buy their food drive items by doing small chores at home for their parents. Yaa told me about a student that "folded" laundry for his mom in order to earn some money for the drive. Now, when I say "folded" it was rolled into a ball BUT the fact that a child volunteered to do a chore to earn money that wasn't going to them is pretty amazing - especially since these kids are so young. The students then bring in the money they earn and develop a budget and shopping list for what they want to buy for the food drive. Once they raise their money they go on a field trip to buy their items.


Max and I then went home and I talked to him about donating to those in need and telling him how fortunate he is. Now, I don't know what all he understood but we made it work. Max and I developed our own plan to give back that would be easy and fun for the two of us. Since Max doesn't quite understand the concept of chores we decided to go through his old clothing, toys, and books to donate to those less fortunate than us. I won't lie - Max didn't really get it and he may have cried when we dropped off the clear (my mistake) box of his old toys BUT I know that the more we do this and talk about it, the more he will learn and I am now so excited for the day he asks me to volunteer or donate things on his own. I had so much fun doing this with Max and can't suggest doing it on your own enough. To help you guys and in hopes you do the same I have linked some great books you can read to your little ones to encourage generosity and a giving spirit.



Ages 2-3


Sharing Time by Elizabeth Verdick                                                                                                

How Kind! by Mary Murphy


Ages 4-5


Horton Hears a Who! by Dr.Suess                                                           

I See Kindness Everywhere by Shelley Frost

Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks! by Margaret Sutherland

Llama, Llama Time to Share by Anna Dewdney

Clifford's Good Deeds by Norman Bridwell








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