Then Perfect Gift for Grandparents

November 23, 2018

For years, my grandparents have asked me to digitize their old photos. We have so many amazing pictures from so many years past but we are so scared we will lose them or they will get damaged or ruined and those visual memories of those we have lost are gone. Just like that. I had taken a few photos home to try and scan myself and well, it's true when they say to leave things to the professionals. Let's just say they didn't turnout so hot. 


My grandfathers 75th birthday is coming up so we are combining Thanksgiving, his birthday, and Christmas all into one big party!  I knew I wanted to get him something special and heartfelt. Something I couldn't just buy at the store.  Thats when I found Legacy Kit, a company that takes all of your photos , VHS videos, film, whatever you have  and convert them into digital files. They can put them on a DVD, flash drive, or online file sharing (iCloud).  



So let me explain how it works - you first choose the size kit you want form their website. The smallest box, $75 , holds 4 video or audio tapes, 4 film reels, or 4 gags of 30 photos, or ANY combination. The largest jumbo kit, $998,  holds 60 video or audio tapes, 60 film reels , or 60 bags of 30 photos, or ANY combination. The options are endless and the price range is great for different family situations and what you are looking for. 


Once you choose your kit size, then they send you a curated kit just for you. You ship all of your photos, videos, audio back to them in the box they send you with the prepaid UPS label. I received my photos back within less than a weeks time. They then shipped back all of my originals, a DVD of the pictures, a  flash drive, and uploaded them onto iCloud. I chose the medium box since I had a good bit of pictures to get digitized. The shipping label was trackable as well, so that made me feel so much better about sending off my families prized possessions and memories. They also send back your items in a "crush proof" box so that your originals can't get damaged and everything will stay just the way you sent it. 


The staff at Legacy Kit was so amazing in this whole process and I will definitely be sending more pictures there soon. Pictures are priceless and now having four forms of these pictures/memories , I know my families traditions and photos will live on as long as technology does! LegacyKit has been so kind and has given me a 60% off code for you guys to get your love ones memories digitized as well. The code is valid through Monday., November 26th at midnight MST. Shop through my link or use my code 'BRAVE' for your 60% off. Don't wait till its too late and those memories are lost. Take the plunge and all of 20 minutes to get this done! I know I didn't regret and my grandfather loved it. It also made for the perfect family bonding time - looking through the. old photos telling stories and laughing at our parents style (sorry mom) or lack there of! 


LegacyKit was perfect for my grandfathers celebration and now I think I am going to have to do it for all my love ones because memories don't always last and when or if they start to fade away, I want to be able to show my loved ones these pictures and tell them all the memories and stories they once told me. 









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