To my babies future step mom...

November 11, 2018


To my babies future step mom... good luck. I have wanted to write this post for sometime now but tomorrow I meet Max's dads girlfriend and well, it seemed appropriate. Now, I want to preface this post by saying this is nothing against her or any step mom at all this is just something weighing on my mind and the timing of meeting his dads girlfriend just pushed me to write my thoughts down. 


To my babies future step mom - good luck. Good luck on motherhood. It's tough,  but one thing I promise? I promise to always be a helping hand, a listening ear, an a friend because whether I like it or not - we are a team. Just like me and Max's dad - we are a team. We don't always agree or get along but MAX is the reason for the season, am I right?! 


I may not like you at first and I want you to know, it's nothing personal. In my eyes the best thing I can do for Max is support you, support his dad, and support happiness and healthy relationships because Max learns and Max learns fast. When I picture a step mom for Max, I want her to love him like their own, I want them to support our co-parenting journey, I want them to become my friend just as much as Max's because once you meet my son - you are expected to be part of his life. Meeting your significant others baby is a big deal, it's scary ,and nerve wrecking because you are now a parental figure to a child you didn't help create. That's a lot of pressure and if you don't have your own kids - it can be really scary. BUT I have done this mama thing for almost two years so I want to teach you everything I can just like I teach his dad. I want you to know the ins and the outs of what make Max happy, sad, mad, and laugh because that's what family does. 


Fights will happen. When people interfere with a family dynamic it can be hard. Even when you mean well remember PARENTS know best but we will teach you and guide you and answer questions along the way. Children are a sensitive subject but just know it's so sensitive because the love we have for our children is so insanely strong. 


I hope we become friends. Being "the other women" is awkward for anyone. Awkward for me because you are now with a man I loved and the man who helped create my child. Awkward for you because, well, I'm the baby mama and ya can't get rid of me no matter how hard you try. But I hope and pray you know that my protectiveness comes out of love. Love for my son and my want to make sure he always has what's best. I want you to know how hard I work to make sure he has the best life he can have. How hard I work to show him how to be a good person. Smart, patient, kind, hard-working, and humble. I hope you can teach him and show him the same. I hope you can put aside any preconceived notions you may have about me as I will try to do with you. I hope you like me but more importantly, I hope you love Max because he is the most amazing little human I have ever met - although I am biased - and he deserves the best from each and every person in his life. 


Tomorrow is scary for me and I probably won't sleep but I end my day knowing and praying that this is in Gods hands and the women He believes is right for Max will show up and if she doesn't - he always has me, his OG mama.


Love you Max.

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