Six Tips for Surving Savannah St. Patrick’s Day : From a Local

March 10, 2018


This post is sponsored by Picture Keeper but all thoughts and reviews are genuine and my own. This post is not encouraging the indulgence of alcoholic beverages but if you choose to drink here’s a reminder the legal drinking age is 21 and to always drink responsibly and never drink and drive or get in the car with someone under the influence. 



Saint Patrick’s Day is the BIGGEST holiday every year for us Savannians and we welcome you with open arms but be ready for the craziest, drunkest, loudest, most crowded experience of your life! The first parade was held in the 1800s so we have had quite a bit of time to grow but with time and growth also come changes! Here are some tips to help you navigate your Savannah St. Patrick’s day!


1: You MUST wear green! Don’t like being pinched by lots (and I mean lots) of drunk people? Wear green or prepare to be pinched! This is always my biggest go-to because I am already sacrificing my personal space so I am definitely not trying to have strangers pinching me all day on top of it! Here are a few local places to Savannah that you can purchase your last minute green - Fab’rik on Broughton St.,  Red Clover, Midge, and you can always rely on Target and Old Navy (both a 20-30 minute drive from Downtown Savannah)


2: Get there early! If you want to sit and be able to watch the parade you will want to get downtown early and I mean early! I am talking 4:30 / 5 am! People start stalking out there spots on the squares pretty early and you don’t want to show up around 1 o’ clock thinking you will score a prime time viewing spot! People sometimes even camp out over night just so they can score the best spot!


3: Stay downtown if you can or know how you will be getting there! Most streets near or around downtown close around 5am - some sooner, some later but you can expect not to be able to get anywhere close to downtown after 8 or 9 am! There are busses that will charter people in from various parts of town so if you aren’t staying downtown here is a link to the shuttle and bus info! 


4: Do not attempt to drink underage! I have always been a rule follower and underage drinking wasn’t really an exception. The cops are out in full force for St. Patrick’s day - I’m talking we call in thousands of out of town to ensure all of ours guests safety! 


5: Drink up! I know this seems like a contradiction to the last one but if you are of age the alcoholic beverage choices are superb! Can you say green beer? A few years ago Savannah got smart and started using ID stands so you can get ID’d once, snag a wrist band, and not have to worry about losing your ID taking it in and out of your purse! 


6: Pack a Photo Keeper! Even though this post is sponsored by them I can not tell you how great this product is! You guys know how sad I was when I lost all of my pictures of Max! And with Picture Keeper I don’t have to worry about that! It’s a tiny USB looking stick you can throw in your purse and plug into your phone whenever to automatically back up your pictures to transfer right there and it’s easy to give to your grandparents in regards to sharing the photos - they will still know what to do and not have to mess with “that cloud thingy” as my grandma says! They have been so generous and have given me a 40% off code for y’all to use until the end of the year! Use code : BRAVEMESS40 here for an additional 40% off! They are also hosting a giveaway so you can win your own!!




“Don’t have to pee” - Addie 

Addie is my high school and current bestie and has lived in Savannah forever! Obviously you’re going to need to bathroom but I suggest spending a few dollars at Panera or Starbucks for a bagel of coffee so you can use their bathrooms because believe me those Portable Bathrooms are NASTY!


“Watch weather carefully night before. Make sure you pack a raincoat, jacket, or umbrella just in case! Weather is tricky in March. Get there EARLY. Pack light and keep valuables to a minimum. Bring lots of cash!” - Mary Elaine  

Another Savanna bestie and local! Mary Elaine has grown up going to the parade and her tip about weather is SO true! Georgia has some of the most bipolar weather and you don’t want to be unprepared for the rain!


Don’t even think about trying to drive into downtown. Claim your parade spot EARLY. The party starts before sunrise! Invest in the wrist band if you want to get your drink on. Trade in the heels for some wedges - maybe even some flats - uneven 200 year old sidewalks, massive crowds, beer and stilettos don’t mix! Come up with a potty game plan!” -Brenna

Brenna and her husband, T.C., own Genteel & Bard a fine Savannah tour company! Their walking tour and walking ghost tour are number one rated on Yelp and Trip advisor so you know this lady knows her stuff! Book a tour while in town here !


If you see a cute girl in Chippewa make sure you ask to see her ID so you know she’s not 15.” -Caitlyn

This another childhood friend and long time Savannah native! This is kind of a running joke between people that grew up her BUT it brings up an important point! Know your demographic! Chippewa square (the one Caitlyn is talking about) is generally flooded with college kids which draw in the high school girls! Most other squares are adult friendly and most families either line the sidewalk or a square so their kids can watch the parade! 


“Bring a portable charger!!! It's not fun when your phone dies and you're trying to find your friends!!” -Caitlyn’s friend Lane  

So true! That portable charger along with your Picture Keeper are key!


“Wear layers! Expect to freeze in the morning and be super hot in the afternoon. Oh and bring sunscreen!” -Caitlyn’s friend Haley

Another note on that bipolar Savannah weather!


“Bring cash, wear comfortable shoes because you'll do a lot of walking, get there early to get a good view of the parade?? For our of towners that's my first thought” -Caitlyn’s friend Lauren 


“Don’t pee in a bush.” -unknown 

A very funny piece of advice but so true! For my male followers : just don’t do it! It can lead to a charge in public nudity which can get you a sex offender charge! Not fun!! 


The last tip or piece of advice I have is on a seriousness note: the parade committee has asked that you do not run out to kiss our soldiers this year. This is one of my favorite traditions but with everything going on today they have asked us to refrain! You can read more about why they have decided to do that here . 


Have fun! Be safe! And as my parents always told me “make good choices”. I hope your Savannah Saint Patrick’s Day is one you remember (hopefully) and you enjoy my city as much as we do! Don’t forget to head over to Picture Keepers Instagram to enter our giveaway or just jump the gun and buy you one cause it’s SO WORTH IT! And if you have any more questions about Saint Patty’s you can find all your answers here or shoot me a email or DM at any time!


As always,








“You’re not a mess. You’re brave for trying.”

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