Fun in the sun : everything you need for an afternoon at the pool with your baby

July 24, 2017



Anyone else absolutley dying with how hot it is this summer?! Max and I have pretty much gotten to the point that we either stay inside or in the pool - and that's about it! It's just too hot to do anything else and the beach is just a tad too far.


When planning our next blog post, I told Brittany I had found this float for the boys and she said "Kate! Write a post about it!" Sometimes I forget that even the littlest of things can probably be just as helpful for you guys as they are for us! So, if there is anything you guys want to know about please leave it in the comments! In the near future you can look for a post about baseball games and babes as well as teething toys and how to make your own baby food! 


Now, back to the good stuff - babies in swimsuits and bucket hats! Lucky for us we have pool and marsh right in our back yard but even then I still have SO much stuff I packed this first time I took Max to the pool! Don't be me! Let me help you compile a list so you don't look like you're carrying four sacks of potatoes. (anyone else's parents say that?!)



Here are some things to consider when heading to the pool with your babe:


Swim diapers:

I have found that target has the best swim diapers - so far. I went the reusable route, but then again max hasn't pooped in the pool so that may change. So far, I have found the throw-away swim diapers are still too big for max so we have used the reusable target ones or these from Amazon!


Baby Swimsuits and Hats:

Honestly, with as much time as I spend in Target it's no wonder I own every single Cat and Jacks baby swimsuit/bucket hat combo. Recently I found an amazing company, Kortni Jeane , that makes amazing suits for moms, dads, and little and YOU CAN MATCH! (My personal fave) 

Sun hats for mama:

Recently I found Honey Moon Hats on Instagram and fell in love with them for many reasons but mostly because they are completely customizable (I think I need one that says Max's mom) and have such cute sequin and Pom Pom detail! Check them out and order your own and make sure to put it on a naked baby because.... well, baby butts are the cutest! 




Kate's sunglasses: Rayban 

Max's sunglasses: Cat & Jack for Target

Swimsuits: Kortni Jeane 

Bar necklace: Bip & Bop


Baby Sunglasses:

As seen in the picture above baby sunglasses are THE CUTEST! I have found a few great pairs from Carter's and the ones Max is wearing in the pic above are from Target! The make them in sizes ranging from newborn to toddler! Max started wearing his pretty young so he really enjoys them! Gotta protect those eyes! 


Baby Towel: 

One of my favorite collaborations I have ever done was with a local Savannah mama and maker! Moss & Marsh is all created by hand right here in my little town and I'm not just saying this because they are local but these are the BEST towels for littles! They are normal sized so they can grow into them, have a good for security and added cuteness, and are actual towel material so your baby can get good and dry after a dip in the pool! Shop them here ! 



Obviously max is too young to be the next Olympic swimmer but we have found some great floaties to train him until then! For infants that can't really sit on their own we used this float and now that Max is working on sitting on his own and has great neck control we use this one . 

For picture taking purposes, I of course had to put him on the giant flamingo but don't worry I was with him the whole time! Brittany and I both also own Otteroos but neither of us have used them in the pool yet although, I know a good bit of people do!



Obviously, safety first and even though Max has his dads nice tan skin we still want to be extra careful! A lot of baby sunscreens tell you not to use it until they're six months but we talked with our pediatrician who recommended Honest Company's sunscreen and have had no issues! You can get it at your local Target or CVS! 


Now onto some tips! When we first introduced Max to the pool he wasn't so much a fan. Come to find out the water was too cold! A good rule or thumb I use is : if it's too cold for you, it's too cold for baby! Now that the water is a comfortable temperature Max loves being in the water. We always put his float in the pool first, then carry him in to get him acclimated to the water and excited to play! My aunt and uncle are both phenomenal swimmers and helped us a lot in thinking about what we want to work on with Max to make him a great swimmer! We have held him like superman and worked on his kicking (making sure his face isn't in the water quite yet) and then floating on his back! It's amazing what babies can do! At first when we were holding him on his back he was very hesitant and tight but he quickly realized he was safe and relaxed. We never took our hands off him but he LOVED it!


If you have any questions or suggestions for babies in the pool (or out) let us know in the comments!  

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