Bun Maternity: before, during, and after the bump!

June 29, 2017

Alright mamas, here's something that is going to make your bump, wardrobe, and wallet extremely happy! I am so excited to tell you all about Bun Maternity and all that they are about! I want you all to know that whenever I tell you about a product or service, the reviews we are giving are honest, raw, and heartfelt. If you ever have any questions or comments about a product or post feel free to comment on that post or send me a DM!


Bun Maternity is a clothing company that loves to style mamas with nursing apparel essentials. Their clothes style women for maternity, nursing, and beyond and are all made right here in the USA! The great thing about this company is that it is practical for women of all walks of life and motherhood. Nursing, not nursing, wherever you are at in your journey of motherhood, Bun Maternity has you covered. (Literally.)


Pairing up with Bun Maternity was super exciting for me because I have given way too many people a peep show trying to breastfeed in public. Any company thats goal is to make that easier and help with the dirty looks is of interest to me! 


Looking through their site gave me a little anxiety because, as anyone that has ever breastfed knows, you have to really plan your outfits in advance and  the options aren't usually the cutest. Not to mention it is currently like a million degrees in Georgia. Dresses and tanks are my go-tos. Bun maternity had tons of great, stylish tanks, dresses, and sweatshirts to really accommodate for all the different climates. This tank is Bun Maternity's High Low Swing Nursing Tank in Heather Grey and it has quickly become one of my quick grabs to pair with a pair of leggings. #momuniform I am 5'4" , 120 pounds and wearing a medium for reference. The top has a panel underneath that makes it super easy to nurse in public discreetly. This is something that I (and passing strangers) appreciate. 







My other new staple is their So Soft Breezy Nursing Hoodie in Mahogany. I am 5'4" , 120 pounds and wearing a small for reference. Although its a hoodie, it is super lightweight and still comfortable on hot days but if I am being honest... I usually only rock a sports bra underneath. Heck, in Savannah I would wear just a sports bra everyday if it was acceptable. The only way to describe this hoodie is that it is like two superman capes taped together, I guess you could say a poncho. Yah, that is a better description. What I love most about it is that when I am not breastfeeding my great postpartum love handles don't hang out and if I am feeding Max it still covers all those less-than toned areas. The material is super soft and stretchy and I love that it doesnt wrinkle because Max makes sure it takes at least three days to fold any laundry. 






Head on over to Bun Maternity to see their wide selection of incredibly comfy, practical, and affordable clothing for all moms! As always, let us know if you have any questions!




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