Tips and tricks for flying with a new babe

June 15, 2017


Max and I recently took a 2 hour flight to Washington, D.C. to visit my great grandmother and Max's great-great grandmother. When first scheduling our trip I looked at flight times and how they would correlate to Max's nap schedule. I picked a flight thats duration was during his longest nap of the day thinking he would sleep the whole flight- WRONG! Well, on the first leg he did but on the way home it was a little different. After you book your ticket the next step is to call the airline and A.inform them you are traveling with an infant and B.see what baby gear you can check and if there is a cost. I.E. your carseat, stroller, or pack-n-play... all of mine were checked for FREE! We also carried on our Dock-A-Tot and Max napped in it in the airport rather than bringing a pack-n-play. 




 After I had my flight set and our travel day was quickly approaching, I had reached the dreaded moment.. time to pack. Luckily I was only traveling for two days but packed like I was moving out! Here is my packing list for my carryon ... hopefully they help you as much as they did me! -Thankful for my anal retentive personality! Most items can be found on Amazon- can you say 2 day Prime shipping?! Click the link and go directly to the products! 


Carry on AKA my diaper bag:


a. Bella Tunno Boss Bag:  20%  Off Discount Code 'BTCRS-8978'

b. HappyBaby Wrap:

c. Life In Play Company "Poppin' Bottles" Bottle Bag:

d. KB Cute Designs Swaddle & Beanie:

e. Waddle Rattle Socks:

f. 6 Honest Company Diapers (you can never have too many):

g. Skip Hop Wet Bag:

h. Honest Company Wipes:

i. Dreft To-Go Stain Removing Spray & Pen:

j. Como Tomo Bottle:

k. Nuby Silicone Teether:

l. Taggies blanket:

m. Extra PJ's - you can never have too many! Some of my favorites are from Target or Carter's

n. Kiinde Twist Direct Pump Bags:

o. Medela Manual Breast Pump:

p. Medela Quick Clean Wipes:

q. Avent Vanilla Soothies:



On my first flight I carried Max in his LilleBaby Organic carrier but when it came time to go through security they made me take him out, take apart the stroller, and then take off my shoes and it just became too much. So, on my flight back I chose to wrap Max since there is no metal involved there! I luckily didn't ned to use the Dreft products -THANK YOU MAX!- but it was reassuring to know if I did have any messes I could easily and quickly clean it up! {and the amount of liquid is small enough that it TSA approved} On the plane Max slept the whole way there but on the way back I was glad to have distractions such as his waddle socks, Nuby teether, and Taggie! During take off and landing make sure to have your little one sucking on a bottle or pacifier - and if that won't work whip out one of your handy fingers - so your babes ears don't hurt them! For those of you not pumping, I ENVY YOU, that was so much to lug around but those of you who do this was the most convenient system I have found. Being able to not only pump straight into my Twist bags but also clean my parts right there was so convenient! One thing I found in regards to feedings (whether it be for breastfed babies or formula fed babies) a lot of airports have nursing lounges that you can hide away from the rest of the craziness in the airport and your little one can focus on eating. 


My biggest piece of advice, besides the obvious 'BREATHE', is to know that it is ok to be stressed. It's ok to be overwhelmed. And it's ok to be nervous. Honestly I think having those feelings and them being {VERY} obvious made things a lot easier on me. People I think felt bad for me which ultimately led them to help me. While some people were "inconvenienced" by myself and Max traveling, WAY more moms gave us that little wink, head nod and smile of approval which made me feel 1000% times better! Another tip I learned is that when you get to the gate approach the gate agent and remind them you are traveling with an infant {make sure to inform the airline in advance-because even if your babe is in your lap, they need to account for them} and ask if there are any 2 seats open next to each other that you could possibly move to so you don't disturb any other passengers. Both of my flights I was not only able to have my own row but get upgraded! 



While I found myself overwhelmed and frustrated quite often, the passing smiles I did get from other women and a few men gave me all the confidence I needed and honestly if my hot mess self can get through it so can you!



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