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May 14, 2017

When I first found out I was pregnant all I could think about was my babes nursery and what his/her crib would look like; the skirt, matching bumper, and even bows...I was in denial about having a boy! I thought so much about his nursery and how cute he would look in his crib only to be told babies don't even sleep in their nurseries until they are like 6 months old! On to plan B! I bought a fancy, vibrating bassinet that plays music and does all these other fancy things but the truth is, even that was hard to get Max out of in the middle of the night when he was hungry. I also felt so far away from him, I didn't like that I couldn't really see him or feel/hear him breathe.


That's when I discovered my favorite must-have baby product, the Dock-A-Tot! If you haven't heard of the Dock-A-Tot yet, I am about to change your life. 



 The Dock-A-Tot is essentially a hollowed out pillow forming a "nest" for baby. When I brought Max home from the hospital I was terrified to let him sleep anywhere but beside me. I put his Dock-A-Tot right next to me in bed and slept soundly (minus the 25 times I woke up to feed him) my first night home. The "walls" of the Dock-A-Tot are high enough that If I move in my sleep I won't roll over onto Max and he won't roll out on to the bed. One of my other favorite features is the fact that the material is breathable so Max won't suffocate himself-I know this because I physically stuffed my face into the Dock-A-Tot and could still breathe. 


I have loved having Max next to me every nap and nighttime and am secretly dreading the day he actually uses the nursery I worked so hard to make for him. And until then I am just going to enjoy his company and present that will never happen. I have included a $10 off coupon for you mamas because lets be real, every dollar saved is a dollar towards a treat for yourself... or more diapers!





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