Baby essentials for those late night feedings

May 7, 2017




Ok, mamas... let's be real, these beautiful babies we made eat a TON! Every couple of hours we hook em' up to the boob or pop a bottle in their mouths and it's not bad... but what about those 2 and 3 AM feedings?! I find myself struggling to even lift my shirt let alone use my dead body weight to pick up my (14 pound) baby. Had asleep, stumbling around just to find the lamp, my pump, or a bottle. I like to think I have found everything and anything you may need bedside in order to have a successful and peaceful late night feeding. 


Water! Whether you are breast feeding or not we all could drink a little more water. Did you know you are supposed to drink half of your body weight in fluid ounces of water?! Do you do that? I can definitely say most days that's not the case. I try to remember to grab a bottle of ice water every night when I head up to bed and try to have the whole thing finished by the time we get up for the day. Yes, that makes me need to pee a lot more often but it's not like I am going to be sleeping till morning. 


My breast pump! In the beginning Max would like to eat from both sides but those days are long gone. We eat from one side and back to sleep we go, hence the pump. There are so many ways you can get pumps through insurance so make sure to looking your options before buying! I got mine through Target but there are many other options as well! I also keep the Medela Quick Clean Wipes with my pump so the milk doesn't dry up and stink! 


Lacalites! Y'all I can not rave enough about these things! When I first heard about them from my friend Melissa, I was a bit hesitant but they are a LIFESAVER! Lactalites are essentially a flashlight for your pump that helps you see if you are still getting milk or not. I have found these lights to be especially helpful at night but also during the day when my milk fogs up the pump! Find Lacalites at!


Snacks! Saving the best (best tasting) for last! I so often find myself absolutley starving mid-feeding , occupied and unable to go downstairs. I now have a stash of crackers (peanut butter is my personal cracker of choice) and a bag of skittles for a sweet little snack to keep me going at night!


Did I miss something? Leave me a comment and let me know the things you have found necessary to get you through those late-night feedings!



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