Binxy Baby : Grocery shopping must have

May 5, 2017

If you are a germ freak like I am, the thought of putting my fragile little baby in a shopping cart absolutely terrifies me! I honestly can't say how many seat covers I put in and took out of my registry trying to find the perfect one. That's when I stumbled across the BinxyBaby! When I first got it I had no idea just how much Max would come to love it and how much I would need it in my day-to-day shopping trips! The BinxyBaby is essentially a hammock that attaches to the grocery cart that you can either lay baby in or set their infant carseat (up to 50 pounds) in. They come especially in handy when you have multiple kids! Gone are the days of pushing that huge, bulky, hard to navigate two seater grocery cart! The BinxyBaby saves the day providing a seat for baby in the BinxyBaby and a seat for the toddler in the cart! With room for storage underneath baby, you no longer have to carry half of your groceries or sit a loaf of bread in babies lap. Guilty! But at least it wasn't a bottle of wine! *insert shrug emoji* They come in may different patterns as well as good old solid black - I was thinking of one day having a toddler... mess free, or at least unnoticeable ! You can find BinxyBaby at and on Amazon!



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