Nursing apparel for the stylish mom

May 2, 2017

Breastfeeding can be a bitch... there, I said it. From the pain in the first weeks, to the saggy boobs, to wondering if they will ever return to normal - it's not always the easiest. While I know it is great for my baby I often find myself wondering if things will ever return back to normal?! With all of those not so glamorous things happening you would think we could find tons of cute clothes to compensate, right?! Not. Good news is, I have taken the searching out of it! I have found so many outfits and brands that not only make cute, good quality clothes, they are also all nursing friendly!


First up, fitness apparel- 


Cadenshae specializes in activewear for nursing moms and boy did they nail it! The site features anything from nursing sports bras, shirts, tank tops and hoodies. When I first had Max, I don't think I ever took this sports bra off - let's be real, I probably actually did keep it on longer than I should have (new mom life). The quality is exceptional and the clothes are cute and comfy! I love following their because not only can I find new products to shop but I can also find other fitness loving (secretly loathing) mamas! Follow them @cadenshae 


Everyday options-


Another super comfy, cute option! I love this top for so many reasons; it's cool material, adorable striped pattern, but mostly its versatility! This top can be hooked right onto any of your favorite nursing bras- this saves the time and hassle of digging through so many layers of clothing!



Honestly, this place is the holy grail for maternity, nursing, and everyday wear! They ship world-wide and offer more currency options than I knew existed! Their stuff makes publicly breastfeeding an absolute breeze and honestly makes me excited to do it! They have so many options from dresses to tops, casual to formal and all the accessories to go with! 





Another amazing brand that give before, during, and after pregnancy options! I wore Pink Blush a lot throughout my pregnancy and it is honestly so of my favorite (and comfiest) clothing. Pink Blush shows you what each piece of clothing looks like before and during pregnancy so you will know if you will wear it during both amazing times in your life! Their nursing dresses are so stylish and I am pretty sure they have mastered the floral patterns! 


Unexpected options- 

The last piece of nursing fashion advice I can give you -especially for these summer months- is LOOSE TANK TOPS! I can not even tell you how many times I have been happy to find a low-cut, loose tank. Tank tops make it so easy to just pull down the neck and whip out the boob! Some of my favorites have recently come from Target and Old Navy! Best part about them is the price! I bought four tanks from Old Navy for under $25 and with Max sucking up all of my income I will take all the bargain finds I can! Another great trend of the summer that is super nursing friendly is the off the shoulder tops and dresses! You can easily pull down the neck and whip it out once more! Mayarya makes a super comfy and convenient strapless nursing bra! Find it here ---


I hope you ladies find these suggestions helpful and have as much fun as I did shopping their sites! As always, feel free to leave a comment you have a comment or question or find another place to take all my money! 


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