'That's what I like': 10 foods to have a love/hate relationship with while breastfeeding!

April 26, 2017



Throughout my whole pregnancy with Max I feel like all I heard from my doctor was the dos and don'ts. Do take your vitamins, don't drink, do exercise, don't over exercise.. the list goes on and on. One thing I feel that I didn't learn was ''what to eat and what not to eat while breastfeeding'. As a new first-time mom I never would have guessed that there were foods I needed to rely on and foods I needed to run away from while breastfeeding. I knew that the foods I would eat would benefit Max but I didn't know just how sensitive he was to my milk and just how much the foods I ate affected my milk. To help y'all out I have compiled a list of the foods you should run towards and the things you should refrain from eating while breastfeeding. 


*PSA: I am not a nutritionist or doctor so if you are concerned about your diet please consult a medical professional*

**These are mere suggestions I have learned along the way**



- Starches : bread, potatoes, pasta, and rice are all good ways to get a good amount of starch in your diet. Make sure to lean towards whole-grain so that you can get the added fiber and nutrients to your diet!

- Dairy : good sources of dairy include yogurt and milk... I like to throw in a good tub of Halo ice cream every once in a while too! Some babies (Max) can react differently to cows milk because of the proteins in it so try to watch out for how your baby reacts after eating when you have had cows milk. A really great (and tasty) supplement to try is vanilla almond milk!

- Protein : I know this sounds like an obvious answer but protein is incredibly good for you and it is even more important to have a good balance of protein now that you are directly feeding two mouths - yours and your babes! Some good sources of protein to consider are chicken, lean meats, fish, and eggs. 

- Fruits & Vegetables : another "obvious answer" but it is vital that you get plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet. In the 'DON'TS' section I will tell you about some veggies I have learned to stay away from throughout my breastfeeding journey!



*Below is a list of foods that either I have found to upset Max or other moms have reported upsetting their babies*

- Broccoli 

- Cows milk

- Spicy foods such as Asian cuisine, or Mexican (terrible, I know)

- Citrus fruits : oranges, pineapple, lemons, limes, and grapefruit

- Chocolate (I am still eating this one - no affect to Max yet...PRAISE)

- Cabbage, onion, garlic, cauliflower, cucumbers, and peppers


As stated above, I am not a certified nutritionist or medical professional so if you have any concerns PLEASE reach out to your doctor! The best advice I can give you is to trust your body, stay hydrated, and maintain a healthy caloric diet! Always have a bottle (or two or three...whatever you need) of water next to you while feeding because as your baby is being hydrated you are losing it! When water gets boring - as it does - try infusing your water with fruits or veggies (added protein)!



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