Do I really need to wash my hair?!

April 26, 2017

I can't be the only one, right?! How many mamas' have found themselves asking "can I just go one more day?!". As a new mom I have discovered I can go soooo many days without washing my hair! I know, not something to be proud of but I recently went 5 days without washing my hair. *shrugs* Now, don't worry, I did shower! And while I have to credit the top knot for my hair looking AMAZINGGG, dry shampoo honestly saved my life. Now, there are some tricks to dry shampoo that include application, brand, and styles and I am here to save you a lot of time and effort and give you my secrets!

For the natural loving Mama:

This dry shampoo is BY FAR my favorite! Not only because it is made by my stylist and fave mama but also because its all-natural and there is just something about knowing what every ingredient in a product is. While it is more expensive than the other products I will be telling you about, it lasts forever and works wonders. Because it is a lose powder it lasts ten times longer than the products in the spray bottles. My favorite way to apply this one is with a powder brush. When Chelsea told me to try this I looked at her like she was crazy but man, is there a reason she's a hair stylist. 

How to apply: 

1. Open jar and place cap upside-down to use as a tray for powder

2. Tap some powder into the lid 

3. Part your hair how you would normally part it

4. Lift small section and apply a small amount of powder to roots

5. Repeat to a few sections depending on the thickness of your hair. For example, I have pretty thick hair and I apply the powder to 4 sections on the opposite side as my part and 3 sections of the side I part! I also add some to the back to add some volume! 

*You can also dip your brush directly into the powder and tap the excess into the cap*


'Cost efficient' option:

I am sure most, almost all of you, Mamas' have seen this colorful and eye-grabbing dry shampoo every time you walk through the beauty aisle of the holy grail AKA Target! Batiste offers a wide variety of shampoos for all different hair types and colors with tons of amazing scents! Best part... it's super cost efficient (aka CHEAP)! Bless! You apply it the same way as the powder minus the brush! Part your hair and spray at the roots in sections. Tip: Apply 6 inches from your roots so that you don't make your hair look dirtier!


All around awesome:

The next two products are some of my favorites but a bit more expensive! Living proof PHD spray is great because it is perfect for ALL hair types. Whether you have curly, straight, wavy, thick, or thin hair this spray will work for you! My fave thing about it, you can buy it at Sephora... can we say VIB points?! It also smells great which is key for quick, on-the-go, application as well as actually CLEANS your hair! It's like portable shampoo!

$22.00 - 4oz.

$12.00 - 1.8oz.


Best for last: 

OK, now this is my go-to spray dry shampoo! Mostly because I use Fekkai shampoo and conditioner as well so they work really well together! So many times people ask me what I do to my hair and honestly I don't do anything ridiculous! I swear by the products I use! I use the Fekkai volume shampoo and conditioner everyday and use this probably close to 3 times a week as well as a hair mask once a month to ensure shiny, healthy hair! This dry shampoo is another one that lasts forever and smells phenomenal!


I hope this helps you ladies and you can find a dry shampoo you love as much as I love these! Another helpful hint and little-known secret... you can TRAIN your hair! When I was in high school I could go maybe 2 days without washing my hair before it was disgustingly dirty but after a few months of fighting it and not washing my hair for 3-4 days, I can now go an average of 3 nights without washing my hair and like mentioned earlier... this week I went 5 days without washing my hair!!! I know, not something to be proud of - but hey, mom life will do that to ya! 






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