Learning to love myself

December 10, 2016


Soapbox post: throughout my entire pregnancy I have heard some pretty nasty things. "You're too young" , "Not mature enough" , "You and the dad aren't together anymore...are you sure you want to do that?" But recently I heard something from someone that I never thought to hear. "You are sexualizing your pregnancy, the things you're posting are inappropriate, seductive imagery, not tasteful, not Christian like..."This is something that has been working through my head for the past 24 hours and is something I feel I need to say. The person has every right to their opinion but if you agree with her I would like to take a moment to speak on why my pictures are the way they are.

I am proud of my body. This is something not too many people know, and something I have really only talked to a handful of people about, but I struggled with an eating disorder most of my "adult" life. I wasn't eating, throwing up, but still training like a D1 athlete. I was never happy with how I look and the number on the scale couldn't get low enough. I didn't ever look sickly but I knew what I was doing wasn't healthy. I look at my body now and I have never been so in love with it. No matter how many pounds I put on I am in awe that I am growing a tiny human inside the belly that once used to torment me. Now, I understand posting pictures in little to no clothes may be seen as "classless" to some but to me it's empowering. Every stretch in my skin to me is a victory. A victory that I am really doing this and I am proud to show that off. I see girls post pictures in bikinis, or bikinis that could be considered as less every day, women in spandex, and sports bras. Does that bother me? Absolutely not! They have worked hard to look the way they do and I think it's more than fair for them to want to show it off! Women are all too quickly judged for how we look, what we wear, the shapes of our bodies, and unfortunately how we choose to portray them. But that's not something I will let happen to me. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing that I am more than blessed with. So stop judging, tell a women she's beautiful or looks great because if women aren't for women, who is?


XOXO, Kate

"You're not a mess. You're brave for trying."

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