Pre-term labor ... pre-term anxiety

December 6, 2016


I am an incredibly emotional person and pregnancy hasn't changed that too much. In fact one of my favorite embarresing pregnancy stories is when I cried because Panera was out of plain bagels... yes, I literally cried. The poor cashier didn't know what to do but you know when your pregnant those cravings mean the world to you and that bagel was like $100,000 to me in that moment. 


Recently, I have had more complications than normal which was expected with this pregnancy but recently hearing about those little issues they would find. Every time an issue arose they would test me for everything under the sun and NOT ONE test could give me an answer to what exactly was going on.


After now being admitted for a solid six hours I have finally been able to process what exactly is going on. Baby Max is so excited to be in my arms he got a little too excited and I was having some contractions today... at 28 weeks! For my friends that aren't too pregnancy savvy that is WAY too soon, he's not even close to being done cooking yet! While there wasn't a huge immediate concern there were enough little concerns to send me in for monitoring till tomorrow afternoon. 


Two IV attempts, two tubes of blood drawn, and one shot in the ass later... here we are. Mommy and Max are being monitored (and damn is this machine loud) and sipping on a Smoothie King Angel Food smoothie and mom is happy. While this hospital bed is the worst and this IV hurts like a bitch my nurse is the best, my suite is huge and clean and that's all I could ask for. My nurse, Hillary, is a Zeta so we instantly bonded and shared some serious sister bonding over her stabbing me in the ass with a HUGE needle! 


The shots I am getting are steroid shots to help my sweet Max's lungs develop just in case he tried to enter this world a little too soon again and my IV drop should help stop those contractions! While this isn't how I expected to spend the first day of my third trimester, I am incredibly thankful for all my friends and family members checking up on me and the amazing staff at SouthCoast and St. Joseph's Candler for handling my high maintenance self and keeping me {and baby Max} sane and safe. 


Keep us in your prayers but I will keep you all updated as I can!


XOXO, Kate

"You're not a mess. You're Brave for trying." 

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