Let's try this blog thing, shall we?!

November 26, 2016



If I remember anything from Elementary School, it's being dropped off at my third grade teachers house for summer school because I SUCK at writing. So this whole blog thing really sounds like a horrible idea, I know... but we will see how this goes. I paid for a year plan so this will at least be a thing for the next 12 months... God bless you if you make it that far!


With so many changes going on in my life I think writing and keeping track of my thoughts, emotions, obstacles, and {few} victories is important.


As I am sitting here at 10:30 on a Tuesday night I can't help but be distracted from my writing by the sight of my belly being jabbed from the inside. Change is inevitable in life, I know that, but never did I expect so much change so fast. In just the past 3 months I have lost the man I loved, friends I thought could never not be in my life, moved to a city I swore I would never moved back to, finished college, and am expecting my first baby.


While Max wasn't planned he is certainly loved but I have to admit that wasn't and still isn't always the case. I find myself questioning my ability to be a mother at least six times a day. Being a young mom is something I feel a lot of people look down upon. While I am not considered a "teen mom" I know that having a baby at such a young age, all alone at that, is something that is definitely not kosher in todays society. My parents always taught me to fight the stereotypes forced upon society and that was always something I was good at until later in my teen years but this is now something I have to fight for my son. Max deserves his own post and a lot more of my energy and focus (5 hours a night just isn't cutting it). I guess for my first post this will have to do. We will see what I come with tomorrow.


XOXO, Kate

"You're not a mess. You're brave for trying."




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